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Originally Posted by zeljkok View Post
To be Devil Advocate, but I always thought BC Parks were doing good job overall. Garibaldi is so close to multi-million metro area & not easy to manage. Then Mt. Robson for instance; ultra popular, more than Assiniboine & it still works reasonably well. I never understood the need for Golden Ears gate as well as wide opening/paving Joffre Lakes trail though.

But yes, Kananaskis is well managed. For instance I keep finding new bridges everywhere post-floods; compare this to National Parks where if something gets destroyed (like bridge on Caldron lake trail, or bridge over Athabasca on Fortress Lake trail) it just stays like that.

The biggest challenge with BC Parks is their woeful lack of funding and manpower, there iometing like 8 full time park rangers in BC (plenty of seasonal but not much else), . Alberta Parks has a substantially higher budget, with far less square km under management. My brother worked as a park ranger in BC for several years, everything was on such a shoestring. He switched to forestry and is much much happier (they actually hire people full time rather than expect folks to build a career on seasonal work)
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