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Default Singing Pass trail improvements?

This may or may not be common knowledge around here, but I don't recall seeing anything about it specifically recently....

It looks like some powers-that-be (WB? BC Parks? Whistler Muni? ACC?) have been working on a trail bypass around the slump on the Fitz approach to Singing Pass from the Village. Fresh double track (ATV wide) leaves the high side of the skid road trail, meanders up and down and in and out for a few hundred feet then comes out and crosses the slump above and to the right of the old roadbed, still through the bank of glacial till, not above it, popping out at the same elevation as the higher part of the road. Should be skiable by parties descending. Super fresh and loamy through the forest, but even now the edge of the new trail cut through the sandy bank of the slump is already cracking and falling away. Took a few pics but phone is acting up, they may have to wait.
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