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Originally Posted by msulkers View Post
ACC Whistler's new connector trail in the Skywalk System, Kevin's Home Run, has been open to the public for two weeks now. The trail's lower terminus is just before the long bridge on the Upper 19 Mile Creek Trail and is clearly marked. The Upper Terminus is in Fault Pass just west of Screaming Cat Lake in the obvious pass with a fault scarp on its eastern flank. Again, the trail is signed. The entire trail is marked with reflectors, like the rest of the system and is works its way through a variety of old growth forests in an area that clears of snow earlier in the season than the Upper 19 Mile Creek Trail.

With the help of the RMOW, signage is being added to the system that is consistent with Whistler's Wayfinding Program. Trail names, elevation, etc. will be find now and then on 4X4 signposts at junctions along the route.
Fantastic work on this one Mitch! We hiked it a couple weeks ago (I believe right after it opened) and we loved it.
Even better said, fantastic work on the entire Skywalk System. Thank you to the entire team!
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