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Originally Posted by Dane View Post
I'm curious to know if anyone knows if it's better to leave all the cut alders on the side of the road? Would all the scraps prevent more stuff from growing or is it going to make it worse? Iv'e been trying to throw stuff out further away but i was thinking that maybe leaving all the scraps to the side would slow down stuff from growing back due to lack of sunlight?
Hi Dane,

I have been clearing roads for almost 25 years (and trail building). We throw the alder over the bank/over the grown in side (as opposed to what you did). When cutting alder, it is best to cut it fairly close to the ground as it will grow back with multiple shoots like an octopus otherwise. When working with chainsaw operators, the operators will intermittently clear areas adjacent to the road for the swampers (debris clearers) to deposit the debris (throw). Ideal times of year to clear alder is the fall because the leaves are gone and growth is not encouraged. Similarly, a good time to work is in the spring when the snow has just melted and the leaves have yet to grow in.
Clearing roads in mid summer can encourage growth. Furthermore, clearing the road too wide increases the amount of sun reaching the old road which also encourages rapid growth. Clearing the road too narrow and the snow will flatten the alder and block the entire road.

If you leave the debris on the road bed, it will be highly unpleasant and slippery to walk on. Occasionally, disguising the beginning of an old road with alder cuttings can discourage mechanized users.


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