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Originally Posted by zeljkok View Post
Discussion is good, and all points of view have some level of merit. But in my opinion this is all just an attempt to temporarily cure the symptom. Real underlying cause is exploding population size. You think BC trails are crowded? Try living in India or China or South American slums. All problems this planet has -- from Middle East, to climate change and eventually on much smaller scale to Joffre/Garibaldi trails -- would 'magically' disappear if there wouldn't be so many people.

I read somewhere study that planet will reach level of sustainability in only 50 years (!). Stephen Hawking said that if human race is to survive, it will have to colonize the space. This sounds like out of reality sci-fi, but with the rate we are destroying the environment/resources it might not be.
You may find this interesting:

Summary: If we solve the problems of poverty and child healthcare, we can solve unsustainable population growth.

The local context is a little different. If the world stopped growing in population today, we would still see growth in Canada for a long time. With so much land to go around and with our reliance on immigration to create economic growth, we will almost certainly have an increase in population for a long time to come. It's why it's particularly important to establish and protect parks today.

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