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What I do not understand is when people spend 3-5 hours of driving (into the Sea To Sky region for example, from metro Van) to do a 4 hours (or less) hike. I understand the desire to get to these beautiful areas, and it is worth it for those who do it (hopefully), but it really doesn't make sense from an objective point of view. Releasing C02 generally hurts our environment, and hurting it to go enjoy it seems very contradictory. (I know, one person spending extra time driving won't necessarily have a direct / noticeable impact on backcountry hike locations, but everything adds up from a standpoint of looking at the full population of hikers, over time)

I have always put emphasis on minimizing the use of motors on my trips outdoors by keeping the ratio of motorized transportation to human powered transportation down on individual trips, and generally minimizing trips that require a lot of vehicle usage. If you're going to use the time and resources to drive 1.5 hours to Whistler, it would make sense to make the most of that investment by having a big day there.

Last year I did 3 bike and hike trips from home to mountain peaks that required zero motors, and were extremely enjoyable and rewarding (biking works well for getting to trailheads!). The one time this year that I did drive to Squamish, I did an 8 hour bike ride to Elfin Lakes and Black Tusk cell tower.

Staying local is very important for me, and generally seems much more efficient when you look at the masses. Everyone who lives in metro Vancouver is generally within 45 to 60 minutes of driving of the closest mountains / backcountry locations that are equally as spectacular and rewarding as what you would find by driving 3 hours. I have done 90% of my outdoor activities on Burke and Eagle ridges in Coquitlam, where I live. I understand people want to go to places that are more developed, and consistent access to outdoors throughout populated regions is something that needs to be addressed. For me, it just doesn't make sense hearing about people from Coquitlam driving 5 hours to do a 3 hour hike at Joffre lakes when I drive / bike 10 - 30 minutes and have an equally enjoyable (or maybe more enjoyable, because less driving) trip.

I don't want to tell people what to do, just throwing thoughts out there, hope you find a bit of logic in them.!
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