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Originally Posted by zeljkok View Post
Is that true ?? I haven't been up couple of years. This is really unfortunate, as it is such a spectacular area.

My take on "fake outdoorsy": it might not be best coined term & this is probably why it rubbed people the wrong way. My problem is pollution. Cigarette buts, plastic nylon bags (that end up in belly of deer who dies from it -- it happened), beer cans - you pick. Of course only very small minority is the culprit, but it is enough. Someone who has been in the outdoors for awhile knows this is not acceptable and probably won't do it

YES, crap piles from humans and pets are common, and some have been near/ in the glacier creek and the taylor basin.

People brushing their teeth, bathing their sweaty asses, tossing leftover food, doing dishes, and letting their pets swim and use the lake/shore as a toilett is common now, also burning garbage and shrubs is normal, music coming from numerous sources and firecrackers, all witnessed over the last few visits.

The Outhouse has a line up forever with cranky people and many will just let it go somewhere more convenient in the bushes somewhere.

Some may find this untrue, on less busy weeks
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