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Default From the person who chose/designed the new trail's route perspective

Originally Posted by Haslital View Post
Just to avoid a small swampy area
The old trail is now closed.

Much discussion and planning occurred on this question. If we were to keep the old trail in service, we would have had to build and maintain a significant amount of boardwalk, and perform rerouting to protect the creek bank. Boardwalk is expensive and difficult to maintain when you are a volunteer crew. The old trail (now closed) is already completely trashed, getting wider and wider as people avoid the mucky areas, littered with toilet paper and human waste, as it was not designed for the current volume of hikers resulting from wide-spread awareness on social media.

We have spent three years working on the new trail, which utilizes logging roads and hard ground that can better handle the large quantity of hikers heading to Watersprite Lake.

As volunteer trail builders, we spend our own personal money (supplies, gas, tools etc.) and time over the course of dozens of trail clearing trips to create the trails that the public enjoys. I have personally worked on the new trail probably 20 times. We will have to perform multiple yearly maintenance trips on the new trail in order to maintain the trail and prevent it from being trashed like the old trail was.

Perhaps rather than criticizing our free gift to the hiking community Haslital, you could consider helping our efforts? I'd be happy to put a pair of loppers or a grubbing tool in your hands and put you to work.

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