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Originally Posted by Dru View Post
can someone explain the why of new trail vs. old trail to an onlooker?

This is what Junglesavage said in the last Watersprite TR

We are working as hard as we can as there is considerable urgency for us to decommission the old trail due to the environmental impacts of heavy foot traffic on the old route. A BCMC crew is planning to work this Wednesday to remove deadfall at the final KM of trail with chainsaws. The new trail is fully marked and useable from beginning to end, but rough in the last 1.5 KM. We have some remaining tasks still to perform:

1) The installation of footbridges across minor creeks (currently passible even by a 10 year old). This will be our last task, performed this September.
2) Improved drainage work in two areas on the old logging road system
3) Grubbing of the final 500 meters of road at the 7 KM mark
4) Removal of the remaining deadfall in the rock slide after the end of the logging road and improved marking of the trail.
5) Improving the crossing of Watersprite Creek at the 8 KM mark (although the crossing is easy in low run-off conditions).
6) Some minor brush clearing at the 1 KM mark

When the new trail is officially opened (with a full trail kiosk and orange aluminum signage), and the old trail is to be decomissioned, I will make a formal announcement on this website and others. Since the new trail is an official section 57 trail, I will add the trail to this website (and others) in the list of formal sea-to-sky trails.

The new trail features a 3 KM stretch of old logging road that features continuous wide open views of all the major icefields and peaks in the area. Because we know this new trail will be extremely popular (Parks grade with views to rival the Elfin Lakes Trail), we need to take the time to design the trail to accommodate the large numbers of hikers expected to use the new trail in the years ahead.

This is why I cannot state a specific date for the official opening yet. Being that the new cabin is already under construction, it will not be long.

I certainly would welcome anyone on clubtread who would like to join my trail building crew and learn the ins and outs of trail-building to contact me through this website, or contact the BCMC.
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