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Bypass is actually longer. Somewhat easier, if someone is excessively slow on difficult terrain it could be faster but I find it slower.

Technically, anytime the trail veers over to the righthand (south to north travel) of the ridge past the Strachan/St Marks col you're in the watershed. I think the additional exposure and semi-sketchy descent over David persuaded the Parks staff to ignore the extra intrusion of that section of the trail.

"non-superhero hikers"
Please don't hate me for it, it's not my fault! If it helps, I use my powers only for good. I did a nice taping job once on some exhausted woman's nasty blisters sitting right where the David routes split. Carried her pack to the the bail-out route down to Lions bay. This was afternoon Sunday, they had started late Friday planning on being at Deeks lake by the time I saw them.

Very well done with kids. I love that trail, but it deserves a warning label for sure.
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