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Originally Posted by alexcanuck View Post
The ads seem standard targeted googlead stuff to me. Everyone that google can identify gets personalized ads based on what google thinks your interests are.

I don't know what ad anyone else is seeing, google thinks I'm in the market for a honkin' big lawn tractor and some frilly cheap decor items...

"Horrific ads"? What kind of searches have you been doing?
OK, sorry, sorry, that was funny not mean I hope. Ads are highly annoying especially on mobile where they cover half the screen and cost you data, but that's how the internet runs. The only alternative is a small group of techy involved people doing it themselves out of passion, with maybe some hosting costs covered by donation.

A community can still exist within the business model, but only via ad revenue.
My issue is with the size and frequency of the ads, not their content. If they weren't so intrusive, I'd consider unblocking this site and giving them some views, but they are so plastered over everything that I find the site unusable with the ads.
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