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Originally Posted by xj6response View Post
Well said Kanike. let's hope for improvement that will hold you to CT

truth be told, it takes a bit of bit geekiness to be happy with a) copy/paste of an image address then b) insert [img] [/img] then c) minus the ampersand and 'thumbs' text to display pics insitu frame type, all on top of making sure the image dimensions and disk size are not violated. A few of us are geeks that way but most are not and why should anyone have to put up with that?

CT really should have a straight ahead drag+drop of images, with automatic resizing to fit dimension and /or size requirements. That's why Facebook is easy, because you don't have to care about the dimensions/size of your image or monkeying around with xml elements and image addresses, it just forces your dragged picture through a compliance checker and does it for you.

This stuff is not hard to code.

So let it be written, so let it be done

EXACTLY. Before the Switch over, I for one among users enjoyed an easy and quick method of uploading pictures which included automatic resizing and ease of adding captions. The cost of adding if required, additional software to facilitate this, would be well worth it..............otherwise this site will continue to loose more of our seasoned contributing users.

Loss of users = loss of market for "advertisers' = diminishing advertiser revenue perhaps.......... Cost of this loss could escalate.

In the meantime I applied a "geekiness" approach .. to getting my trip reports loaded with pictures.


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