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I haven't been posting long, so I can't say much about how posting/pictures have changed recently, but I have searched it for trip reports and I have been posting TR's over on for the past year so I can speak when comparing with that site. As far as searchability, I would echo what others have said, its hard to find all TR's for a given trail, and I think this is in large part due to lack of consistency of TR format and titles; I like Livetrails with respect to this as every TR gets linked to a particular trail that is in the database and any user can add a new trail if it is not already in the database. It also has a map segment (as do the main trail sites in Washington and Oregon), where it is easy to scroll around to different regions/locations and click on trails that you are interested in. I also like that it is easy to add a GPS track and photos to each TR on Livetrails, as you can easily add from Facebook, Flickr, youtube or other online picture/video site accounts, or upload from your computer. That being said, that site is limited primarily to TR's while clubtread has many more useful discussions about a variety of topics, and there is a much broader information base on clubtread through previous postings, trail wiki's, and the current active user base. I think it may be useful for the IT department to look into adding similar features that other sites currently offer. Hope that adds some value to the conversation.
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