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Steventy sad everything; that post can probably be used as blueprint for action

In retrospect you have 2 things that are causing the situation:

1) Takeover - ownership change. People don't like changes, and people don't like corporations. But there is no way back, so new system has to be better or at minimum have same functionality. However things, as discussed above, are either missing or have awkward interface (Just read with horror that Kanike had to ask Karvitk to upload photos for her; that should not be happening, period, even if it is likely an isolated case).

2) Things are stagnant; no single change was introduced since the takeover. Successful site constantly works on improvements, adds new bells/whistles and monitors the competition. Alberta side is your indicator as it always had fewer users so aftershocks are felt more clearly than on BC side. When I see 50+ posts on facebook after the weekend and none here, that says just about everything (and yes, long-time CT posters that stopped coming to CT happily post on FB).

But CT is still CT, excellent resource and for many part of lifestyle where new friends are made. Just this thread with many inputs is good sign; people still care. So things can be good again, and better. You just have to work on it.
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