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Originally Posted by Kanike View Post

Now when I write a report I get nothing but issues posting photos! It has been extremely frustrating and on my last report Karl V actually went in and posted my photos for me! (Mt. Pilchuck, WA.). I have tried to figure this out for myself by writing reports using Safari, Firefox, uploading less pictures, etc. but for me I always get the same message about not being able to post photos because some blasted security token is missing... well what is it? and what's the point of posting a trip report without pictures? I've been here trying to persevere... I'm pretty loyal! but I admit to becoming fed up.
Well said Kanike. let's hope for improvement that will hold you to CT

truth be told, it takes a bit of bit geekiness to be happy with a) copy/paste of an image address then b) insert [img] [/img] then c) minus the ampersand and 'thumbs' text to display pics insitu frame type, all on top of making sure the image dimensions and disk size are not violated. A few of us are geeks that way but most are not and why should anyone have to put up with that?

CT really should have a straight ahead drag+drop of images, with automatic resizing to fit dimension and /or size requirements. That's why Facebook is easy, because you don't have to care about the dimensions/size of your image or monkeying around with xml elements and image addresses, it just forces your dragged picture through a compliance checker and does it for you.

This stuff is not hard to code.

So let it be written, so let it be done

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