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Originally Posted by alexcanuck View Post
Yes, "your query" returns far more relevant results than the site platform search function. True of many sites, though.

Finally, I'm disturbed by the data breach greatly, and far less sure I want to stick around this new corporate clubtread! Sorry, but that was very careless, and speaks volumes.
Yeah, using an external search engine with site specific designation is the best way to query most sites. I've always done it that way.

Hope you don't leave. Losing members who've been around for some time is such a loss. As for the data breach, perhaps consider first using some obfuscation code, like Trusteer Rapport and ALWAYS on top of a good, reputable VPN. There are many available, some free/cheap some not. I use Witopia over IPSec protocol or my company VPN both of which establish rock tight tunnels (and are very easy to install/use). A good VPN should be on everyone's computer/pad/laptop, especially if you use wi-fi in coffee shops, hotels, campgrounds etc. even as a layer on top of online banking https://, which actually only secures that single connection, leaving the rest of browser, and its open tabs wide exposed.

I seem to recall I always used a VPN even on the old ClubTread, mostly as a matter of security discipline but as I recall old CT was unsecured too (ie. non https://) If I'm wrong, please, somebody correct me on that.

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