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Might as well toss in some thoughts. I think the formatting of CT is too higgledy-piggledy. Some do a great job of report documentation, other do very little but probably because there's nothing in CT that helps direct the authoring of the TR.

I've always thought TR's would be a bit more readable if they were a little bit more standardized, like NW Hikers or TrailPeaks. Perhaps a header section with an over view/title, then an access to trailhead section, then body of the report with pics preferably with a space for non-embedded captions. NWHikers is more standardized and that makes it easy to get info from a good TR.

I often look at TR's of places others have been to and my first question is "how do I get there"?. Some members cover access nicely with map, GPX trace or description. Others don't bother but it would add so much if they did.

As for security, well, I've never logged on to CT or any unsecured site without first using some obfuscation code, like Trusteer Rapport and ALWAYS on top of a good, reputable VPN. I use Witopia over IPSec protocol or my company VPN. Quite often I am using my own customized VPN gateway. Is that over the top? perhaps for some, but that's the business I'm in and I can assure you unsecured sites like CT with text exposed credentialing are the devil's playground.


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