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Originally Posted by Dru View Post
OK, gotcha. I recall that it was only set to be editable by certain approved users. Were you on that list?
I just tried to login using my current (newly updated) password - rejected. Logged in with my old password, so it's not a matter of permissions. I assume the databases aren't synced up, or something. So there's that.

2) There's also the fact that images in the trail wiki no longer function and it is not possible to upload new photos. Would be nice to see photos that post-date the iphone.

3) The image uploader here is the total opposite of user-friendly. People are used to single-click photo uploads - make it difficult and you naturally drive people away. Getting large-format photos to appear is a pain in the ass.

4) People have complained in the past about poor/non-existant mobile support, inability to upload photos from mobile devices, etc.

5) I'll log in to the site on a brand-new laptop and the ads kill the performance - sound & video ads, little overlap ads on every photo. No less than 4 ads on my screen right now while I'm replying.

I like the extra talk about the trail wiki as I feel that's as important a part of this site as the trip reports. When I was just starting hiking the wiki, and sites like, were invaluable to me. They were the major draw - not the forum.

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