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Originally Posted by zeljkok View Post
People post TRs for 2 reasons: One is to document conditions, route, etc. Second is to say to community "Look where I have been". So you like to get feedback; if you don't (little views, no comments) then you think "Why did I bother" and won't do it again.
What I've noticed over the years is that comments on TR appear to be specific to location. In other words, lower mainland TR (in general) generates more comments than other regions in BC, Alberta, Washington etc. which is unfortunate. People can post TR's for the same trail in the lower mainland and probably get more comments than, say, a trail which hasn't been posted from northern BC for example.

Getting back to this:
Originally Posted by solo75 View Post
I was actually wondering about the login process. Is it secure since I don't see the customary HTTPS or a lock icon to denote that."

You should be fine. We do not store any credit card, paypal, etc. information on our servers or the website itself, nor on the servers. you can log in safely.
.....the concern I have with logging in to an unsecure page is that the password can be seen in plain text by an 'attacker'....or is the page encrypted but I can't see that it is?
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