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Trail Wiki is one of key missing features. At a time I joined CT because of it and learned of many routes not found in regular hiking books.

Second missing feature are once regular calendar/photo contests. Very popular, photographers got to showcase their work, everyone enjoyed looking at pics, and end product (calendar) was not too shabby either.

Third thing many have problems with is photo upload process. I'm fine with it, but I know examples of old-time regular contributors that have stopped posting because of it. Most everyone seems to prefer old way! Also you could insert caption inside the photo; many old reports used this feature (and these captions got lost in transition btw)! Bottom line: Photo upload needs to be addressed separately of everything else.

But main problem is user drain. Shane (thanks for nice introduction!) asked in Password and Security to expand on Trip Reports (TRs). TRs are heart of the site. This is main course; everything else is side dish. People post TRs for 2 reasons: One is to document conditions, route, etc. Second is to say to community "Look where I have been". So you like to get feedback; if you don't (little views, no comments) then you think "Why did I bother" and won't do it again. If you look at Alberta Trip Reports Forum you will see couple by "mclay1234". Great reports, informative, super useful. No comments, little views. You connect the dots. I know from other sources of fantastic weekend trips by people that once posted here, but now they just update facebook page. You have to find ways to attract users (back) to the site, encourage them to post, and make them stay. This is not achieved easily & is separate discussion, but you could identify these users which still have active accounts, then start dialogue. It would make them feel wanted. Of course there is much more into it, but it would be way to start.
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