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Originally Posted by sourdough View Post
What kind of work are you hoping to do up there if you move? Most of the jobs are either gov't jobs or resource industry jobs. I was heavily considering going north to teach but have since changed my mind. The idea still is very enticing to me but there are too many problems in the schools to deal with. The money is great if you work there though. Typically you can get a Northern Allowance if you get a gov't job which subsidizes your living expenses and you may also get a free trip back home once a year. Living expenses are very high and so is property and rent. I don't know how it is in the bigger towns but in Inuvik they only got vegetables and fruits after they were well passed their prime.
Sourdough, could you please elaborate on "school problems"? I am considering moving as well, and have an elementary school aged child. thanks in advance!
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