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I took my Pentax MZ-7 SLR camera hiking and found that with 400 speed film that while in the woods the shutter speed is too slow for taking clear pictures by hand. If I use a faster speed, the pictures will be under-exposed. I would have had several very good photos if not for this fact. <img src=icon_smile_dissapprove.gif border=0 align=middle>

Would 800 speed film make a big difference in the shutter speed? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
If you can give a few more details perhaps I can give you a few pointers. First question what focal length are you using? (zoom, fixed focal length?) Second are you shooting fully automatic or manual exposure? If you are shooting automatic change it to manual (If your camera allows)If you can change the aperture to what you want this will help a great deal. If the widest aperture on your lens is f4, 5.6or whatever use the lens wide open, this will give you a faster shutter speed. Remember though that at wider apertures you will have less apparent depth of field. ISO 400 should be plenty fast enough for shooting in the woods. 800 speed film is not going to make much difference and the quality will suffer (grain, contrast and so on)Another tip shoot at the speed or closest speed to your focal length. If you are using a 100mm lens then 1/125th of a second would be about the slowest peed that you can shoot hand held. Wider lenses will give you the advantage of shooting at slower speeds. Since you don't carry a tripod try to brace yourself or the camera up against an object like another tree to limit the movement. Hope these quick pointers help.


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