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Default Thoughts on best vessels for food drop

Not so much specific to hiking and backpacking, but didn't know else where to post.

Over the summer I will be doing a few longer traverses, in the past the most we have done is 10 days where we simply carry all food. However, this year some trips exceed 2 weeks and have wonderful opportunities at half way points to drive and hike food in.

So far our best idea is two 5gallon paint buckets with a clamp on the lid and hung very well. Another idea was to wrap the buckets in steel or aluminum and just leave them on the ground or slightly buried.

I know people have had success with larger boxes made of wood and metal, but we can fit the paint buckets in our packs, so they would be ideal to hike in, only problem then is we cannot burn them so would need to hike in later to retrieve them.

Any thoughts from the internet?


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