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Yeah, I was pretty impressed with that diet too, it's certainly the most efficient (large quantities/few ingredients). It kind of reminds me of the mountaineering diet prescribed by Japhy Ryder in The Dharma Bums, which I had to dig out.

"and in the bulgar too I'm going to throw in all kinds of dried diced vegetables I bought at the Ski Shop. We'll have our supper and breakfast outa this, and for energy food this big bag of peanuts and raisins and another bag with dried apricot and dried prunes oughta fix us for the rest." And he showed me the very tiny bag in which all this important food for three grown men for twenty-four hours or more climbing at high altitudes was stored. "The main thing in going to mountains is to keep the weight as far down as possible, those packs get heavy."

Heh heh. I think there was bacon and chocolate pudding involved too.

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