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This reminded me of those guys that did the (truly) epic crossing from Harrison to Whistler a couple of years ago.

Someone asked what they ate:

Originally Posted by Marduk View Post
14 days of food goes something like this, oatmeal for breakfast and whole wheat pasta for dinner... Pretty simple. Some fruit to go bars for snacks... All light. I don't care about replacing calories everyday, that would be impossible. Plus if your eating and training for mountaineering trips and eating healthy and training hard everyday of your life, you don't really need to do that. The trick is is about 6 months prior to your trip you should have enough muscle mass and endurance to outweigh any concerns of calorie deficit while climbing 10 hour days for 2 weeks. I don't really care for trying to pack a bunch of snacks and bars and all that crap... One big breakfast, one big dinner... Your good to go.
This doesn't really answer this thread's question, but it always stuck in my mind that these guys lived for two weeks off pasta and oatmeal. I think both of those might go down a lot easier with a big chunk of butter. I also like the idea of making a big batch of dehydrated pasta sauce, which would go a long way in terms of both flavour and nutrition.
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