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Originally Posted by PhilR View Post
What would be neat to explore is this nice little block up the valley that you highlighted. I've stared at that on google earth many times and wondered what it would be like to climb up there and enjoy the little plateau.

Neat block
Right on. This would be terrific trip, Carrot/Cougar route to col, turn west & ridgewalk --- can Charles Stewart (not Buffalo Point) be ascended? looks like a walk-up on Google Earth --- Then round back and on return explore your block.

Would be a long day though, for me at least. 2 hrs of Cougar creek, then 2 hrs to Carrot/Cougar col. Not much faster back -- that's already 7-8 hrs. So 11-12 hrs day. Maybe next spring; right now I had enough slogging on flood debris for awhile =)
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