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Originally Posted by mad owl woman View Post
For my original question - the hypothetical minimum - I came up with these numbers:

For a 3000 calorie/day diet with the following split:
50% carbs --> 375g
30% fat --> 100g
20% protein --> 150g

So if you could find some ideal combination of butter/mixed nuts/cereal/date palm sugar/what have you, the minimum would be 625g, or 1.38 lbs.

The split/3000 calorie number was pilfered from this blog post:

Reading nutrition labels, fiber is counted as carbs. Do you need to subtract those numbers in order to get enough calories in your pack? Another blog post:

So far, my best info has come from reasonable-sounding blogs; I haven't dug up any major population studies of thru hikers and their diets vs weight loss, but I'll continue to look
Ultimately, unless your body fat is very low, it doesn't matter for a short trip as long as you have enough dietary starches or sugars to burn fat.

Marc-Andre and partner just did a spring climb in the Valley of Ten Peaks where they lost 15 lbs in 3 days. More fat would have helped there.
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