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Default Backpacking food: weight vs nutrition

I was trying to figure out the theoretical minimum weight for backpacking/thru hiking food, an interesting problem that seems like it could be solved with information. The internet is usually good for solving information-based problems…but I had trouble finding the kind of information I was looking for.

One piece of information I was looking for was how the ideal calorie split changes when people are doing more physical work. Eg, what would a healthy diet look like for say, a construction worker or farmer.

I’ve been looking for reasonably reliable sources (eg, PhD thesis of a sports nutritionist – good. Editorial in a fitness magazine – bad) and most of my searches led me to weight loss sites and other meaningless fluff – so I decided to share what I’ve been able to find so far in the hopes that someone else will find this subject interesting, and that other people might have some gems to contribute
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