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I did the Chilkoot in the first week of sept. with an alpkit sleeping bag containing 600 g down - it was nice weather, the bag generally works without any issues til -5 degrees (promoted for -10 but that's kind of optimistic). They have a new model range now, I would take a sleepingbag with 700 g down, perhaps depending on future plans and how ambitious your weight-savings are probably one with 500 g. Weight vs. price SkyeHigh or AlpineDream (unfortunately already sold out and it usually takes them some time to stock up again). I'm using this bag for over 5 years now and it's really comfortable - more of a small fit, one could say narrow, barely loses down now after this time and I like the material. Marmot also seemed not too bad to me, wider.

I think Happy Camp tends to be the coldest camp, I also didn't like the ambience that much, windy (no people when I was there but it surely is crowded in summer). Deep Lake is nicer so I would try to go for that. (we have an older North Face Terra 40, I don't find it comfortable, lots of padding but seems to me without useful function - and it's kind of heavy for it's size).

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