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Originally Posted by Aqua Terra View Post
I am grouping haters in general I guess, and its the kind that hear the word drone and think nothing but evil and crazy media stories.
Like the guy that seen me carry one to film the sunset. Stops and looks at me.." out doing some snoopin' eh?" with some weird attitude and kept mumbling on as I walked away. that's the kind I am referring too.

As far as noise, at 100m you can barely hear most of them, and the few minutes of airtime you get is little to spoil anyone's outing. Overhead full size aircraft, even high are much louder as are many humans, yelling and yahooing. If several of them are buzzing around, that can be a problem. I can agree on the mini speakers. That actually carries some distance.

Name calling is a little exaggerated here.

I don't think I'm exaggerating. You expressed concern that this thread could deteriorate due to people poo pooing the use of drones and quoting of rules and regulations. You wanted to focus on the pictures and techniques, yet a fair number of your posts include some nice overt rock throwing at folks opposed to drones.

You're upset that people are grouping all drone users (regardless of them being responsible vs. jerks), yet it's ok to group the "haters" together (regardless of them having legitimate well reasoned concerns vs. knee jerk responses due to "evil" media stories).

It will be a lot easier to keep this thread on topic, by just staying on topic. Anyways, this will be my last post on this

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