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Originally Posted by Aqua Terra View Post
its a shitload of flying background, $$$$ , patience, time, failures, more failures, time and more $$$$, knowledge of complex electronics and assemblies. Many of todays available drone quads can take that equation out of failure, but success rate is still limited, when getting into remote, hard access areas, and the $$$ is still quite risky. I am set up quite well at the moment to get some good field footage, at the same time, I can loose much of it, due to a simple glitch or oversight. Hoping to add some actual film in the next few weeks/ months. Its still fun to bring a toy grade machine and try to capture some interesting angles, and the $ risk is much less. I lost 2 drones already one in the deep snow and one caught in a huge tree, but later recovered.
I may be interested in something economical. What kind of drones do you use and what do they cost?

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