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We paddled Hope-Burnaby in late August 2014 in ocean kayaks.

Note that the water levels are low in late summer when we paddled (gauge levels can be found at the end of my blog post). During spring run-off or in mid summer the reach between Hope and Agassiz would be very exciting. Even at low water there are a few whirlpools in this section but we are used to paddling whitewater so they didn't disturb us. Further downstream wind can be a problem as the inflow often picks up in the afternoons. The river flow really slows down above Mission. Near Golden Ears bridge it may even reverse if the tide is coming in. Downstream of Golden Ears bridge the river is very busy with working traffic and care needs to be taken not to get in the way. Doing this in 1.5 days was a bit of a grunt. Would be better to allot 3 days/2 nights.

We also did another interesting trip circumnavigating Nicomen Island but the sloughs need relatively high water to be navigable and at these higher levels the Fraser becomes more challenging to paddle even in the reach between mouths of Harrison River and Nicomen slough. Not recommended for beginner paddlers.
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