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The safety excuse is weak. Consider Pacific Spirit Regional Park in Vancouver near UBC. On walks through this park, I must cross 4 major high speed boulevards (South Marine Dr, 16th Ave and University Boulevard, Chancellor Dr) that do not have any pedestrian crosswalks, lights or traffic calming. Cars go by regularly at over 100km/hr.

If the authorities considers this safe, then walking 100 m across flat terrain at Cypress should be very safe as well.

In addition, the province/cypress allows returning backcountry users to cross back. If that is safe, then crossing the other way must be considered safe as well.

The true issue, as I see it, is that Boynton/Cypress do do want early-arriving backcountry users to take up parking spots that would otherwise be used for paying customers.

It's time for a little honesty here.

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