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Hi Seegs,

I recall we paid something like $120 each on Via Rail to Jasper, plus $25 for each bike. There are various deals if you leave on a certain day or book early, and we are over 60 so it's a bit cheaper for us. They give you a box that is easy to get the bike into. You only need to remove pedals and turn bars. This is simpler that the usual boxing process for air travel, and means you can ride to the station. It leaves Vancouver in late evening, and gets to Jasper in early evening, but no need to get a berth for the overnight because there are usually extra seats.

I think Rocky Mountaineer has taken over the Vancouver to Banff run. They are an expensive tourist trap and probably cannot deal with bikes.

If coming across BC further south, I think a Kootenay route of Creston-Kaslo-Nakusp-Needles would be nice, with two free ferry rides across scenic lakes, and two hotsprings. I've driven this but never cycled it, but I think it would be a nice ride. There's even a tiny (gravel?) road from just north of Cranbrook to just north of Gray Creek, which is east of Nelson. I think it's only open (I.e. Snow free) in summer months.

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