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Originally Posted by vern.dewit View Post
Sometimes I think I ruin some shots by doing too much to the original photo - sometimes shadows should just be black and sometimes highlights look better if they're a bit nuclear. Nature doesn't care about histograms!!
Totally agreed here; I "catch" myself doing the same, almost like the mind (habit)? thinks photo will look better the more time you invest processing it.

It is also interesting to note how more seem to prefer processed, but not by dominant majority -- which again speaks a lot about original subject, i.e. how good in-camera processing software has become.

Originally Posted by Arnold
But point is not which looks better, but which lets you recover more detail. If there is no need to recover and the shot is exposed perfectly, with proper in camera PP, then simple adjustments in PP on the computer won't improve the image much, if at all.
Excellent point!

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