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Why is this a fake comparison?

The whole point being made (by me anyway...) is that for the average person who doesn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on image processing software, and / or hundreds of hours behind a computer squeezing out every last detail and nuance of RAW photographs, the JPEG SOOC (straight out of camera) will usually be "good enough".

For the rest of us who really enjoy reliving the moments in the photograph and bringing them out in crystal clear HD, we can shoot and process RAW's all day with pleasure.

I usually shoot between 200 and 1000 photos on each trip. I try to filter that down to around 100 which I'll spend time post processing. At 5 minutes per photo this is 500 minutes or 8 hours. I would guess that the VAST majority of photographers / hikers / climbers don't want to spend nearly that much time processing photos each time they go out on an adventure!

Remember that if you're investing so much time and money on photographs, you should also be concerned with backup - both physical and cloud. You should also be spending time producing prints, both for your walls and in photo books. This is even MORE time spent behind a computer staring at pixels and color balancing photos.

I reckon there's a very large crowd who simply wants to point a lens at a scene, snap a photo that approximates it "good enough", automatically uploads it to the cloud when they get near a good WIFI hot spot, and then select all their photos at the end of the year and auto-generate a photobook for Christmas.

Even that sounds like a lot of work... LOL.

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