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Originally Posted by guntis View Post
Differences for me? The sparkly water reflection, the extra detail in the really dark trees, and even the size of the sun's orb itself.
ah, but it is not the sun -- this is moonshine
I am never sure how to photograph moonlit scenes. I did F22 and 30 sec exposure,trying to get silky lake surface - but made moon have that "star" look, like when you photo sunsets. Real hint is overall color tone in entire frame - way more bluish than it would be with sunshine.

Originally Posted by brcollette View Post
But lets have some more details such as location, lens, focal length, filters, shutter speed and aperture etc !
This does not really matter for purpose of discussion (JPG vs processed RAW), because it was single shot -- otherwise it would not be fair comparison. You set your camera to "RAW + JPG". Lens opens, sensor is exposed and in-memory 2D array (frame) of pixels is created. Firmware then looks for the setting to determine how this array should be persisted on your memory card. If it is RAW, then it simply dumps it as is. If it is JPG, then it runs internal conversion software and saves image in JPG format. If it is RAW+JPG then it saves both.

It is worth nothing that no viewer is capable of showing RAW image - what you see in viewfinder has already been converted in memory. Same for variety of software viewers (Photoshop, Picasa, Irfan View, etc). Conversion from RAW into "viewable" image (regardless of format) is just a software algorithm. Vern' main point is that over the years these algorithms have advanced so much and are capable of doing super job. This is why cameras have "Picture style" menu setting -- each one has slightly different conversion algorithm. But at the end algorithms are just lines of software code that does not have human eye or know enough about individual preferences for certain details (i.e I really wanted to enhance that moon shine on the surface of the lake -- it might be overdone, but I kinda liked it this way).

Location is lake Minnewanka (vicinity of Banff townsite). Camera is Canon; I mention this since Vern was saying how Fuji is known with superior JPG conversion alghorithms.
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