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I have a question, without bothering to write-up a whole new thread, what kind of film do you use?
I try to match film to subject and environment. Here are a few things I've learned:

Fuji: excellent in cold colours (green, blue, indigo) but lacking in warm colours and some flesh tones (red orange yellow)
Kodak: excellent in flesh tones and warm colours but lacking coldness (green foliage tends to grey out, blues need more red for contrast)
Agfa: excellent in earth tones (browns, yellows, greys) average with greens, reds unknown.

As for grain quality, you get what you pays for. Expect the cheap stuff to be less crisp than higher end films.

Speed: From using my first point and shoot, I've discovered to not use anything slower than 200 ISO (even in bright sunny conditions [the lens is too slow]) 400 is good in overcast, 800 for night shots concerts and clubing.
My two SLR's which have time and aperture controls, can handle as low as 50 ISO, but with the help of a tri-pod.


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