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I agree with the 30-35L range. For day hikes I typically use a 30L MountainHardware Scrambler.
30L is plenty of space for spare clothing, food, water andeven enough room if you are doing some climbing to fit in a 30m rope and aharness. I think once you start gettinginto the 45L range, you are getting into the overnight pack size. Although a 30L pack could be consideredovernight if you are a good packer like woodenshoes.
One other advantage of the 30L size (at least the one Ihave) is it does not have a ridged frame in it which helps reduce the weight ofthe pack. However this could be a disadvantageif you were going to carry lots of heavy gear, such as a climbing rack, whichin that case I would switch over to my 50L black diamond pack.
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