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Originally Posted by Stoked View Post

The issuing officer alludes to sensitive ecological sites yet none has been identified on the trail route. The closest approach the summer trail makes to the winter range of mountain goats is 800 meters, which is a largely inaccessible cliff that no one is going to anyways. The issuing officer allegedly discovered a rare and high quality mineral lick heavily used by mountain goats. That may be but it is nowhere near the trail otherwise there would be abundant evidence of it. It is specious to assume hikers have a major impact on use of a mineral lick by goats. The governments own studies do not identify such an impact. As for UWR 2-002, it comprises 500 square kilometers and includes the town of Squamish. Everything is in UWR 2-002. It includes the entire map sheet. It doesn't mean it is all goat habitat.

For whatever reasons, there appears to be a concerted effort to manufacture pseudo-scientific objections to legitimate use of the park for recreational purposes. These reasons have not been clearly stated. The objecting agency prefers to operate in a cloak of secrecy and not engage in open and fully transparent dialogue.
Sounds like the issuing officer has something to hide.
Makes you wonder what their real motivations are. Maybe some paranoid obsession with someone damaging the power project has prompted them to invent this scenario. Either way, seems like typical current BC government nonsense with its hallmark of secrecy and lack of public dialogue.
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