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I now carry TWO foil emergency blankets with me.

The thin lightweight foil blankets tear and shred quite easily if they flap about in a high wind.

I learned about this when I had to do an emergency bivouac high on a mountainside. I was caught by dark, after I did some bad routefinding on descent.

The conditions were dry, and the overnight temperature was relatively mild, but it was very windy with powerful gusts. There was no place to get shelter from the wind.

After just a couple of hours my foil heat blanket was in tatters. I felt a bit melancholy when I watched pieces of silvery foil lofting away in the moonlight!

I had to keep what remained of the foil blanket wound pretty tightly around me, which is not optimal in terms of insulation value. I also couldn't shift position much without more of the foil blanket flying away. That got quite uncomfortable after a while.

Something dry to insulate your butt from the ground is important, too.

However, for as long as it was intact, I found that the blanket did keep me reasonably warm.
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