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One of the alleged infractions in the stop work order reads, “altering the landscape and riparian areas, creating a crossing over creek containing fish, in the cutting of Crown timber and making changes in and about a stream.”

The so-called Paranoid Creek in question, actually the east fork of Skookum Creek draining the south side of Mamquam Mountain, in the area of the footbridge is characterized by steep gradient, fast flowing current, large boulders and numerous waterfalls up to 10 meters in height. Noticeably lacking are large pools where fish could rest or spawn. To characterize the creek as fish bearing stretches the limits of credulity. The alteration to the riparian area alluded to amounts to a single footpath down the creek such as would be made by a hiker filling a canteen. The cutting of Crown timber is an outright falsehood. The log utilized in the crossing is a naturally fallen cedar log. The footbridge actually protects the riparian area, a point that is lost on the myopic ministry.

To put this in perspective. The crossing is 100 meters from a clearcut on the south side of the creek. The park boundary is probably 200 meters beyond on the north side. The creek itself lies in the so-called working forest. If the road had been pushed 100 meters further the riparian area would have been clearcut.

Now, imagine standing at the edge of the clearcut looking south on a clear day. You would see the entire valley of Skookum Creek south of the park boundary. The valley stretches south over seven kilometers to Mamquam River and west for up to two kilometers to the Ring Creek lava flow. In the expanse before your eyes, with the sole exception of inaccessible lava cliffs, every old growth tree was logged and every riparian area was cleared right down to the creek. Say, roughly 20 square kilometers. The main stems of Skookum Creek, to this day, are still choked with logging debris above the dam.

In this bleak picture, the issuing officer also noted the presence of wood chips off the footbridge in the creek.
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