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Originally Posted by vern.dewit View Post
I've been shooting RAW for a decade but have come to realize that for a lot of folks it doesn't make sense with the modern camera - especially when dealing with Fuji cameras (I've owned the x-pro1 and x-e1 and x-e2).

Lightroom allows you to adjust jpeg's WB after the shot. Shooting RAW seems more "professional" but IMHO is a waste of time for 99% of shooters, especially with Fuji cameras which are known to produce excellent jpeg's. You gain almost nothing by shooting RAW except for a LOT of PP work which almost always looks much worse than what the camera would produce in the first place. IMHO there are only a few situations where RAW makes sense;

Again, YMMV but simply "shooting RAW" doesn't make a great photo - it almost always makes a much worse one unless you spend hours post processing your shots and coming up with a reliable routine which will probably only echo what the camera would have done in most cases, in the first place.

That being said, if you really want to shoot RAW and you use Lightroom, search for presets such as these ones that can make your life a lot easier. They work with both RAW and JPEG files, but are best used with RAW.
Hey Vern! I really appreciate you of all people giving some feedback. Your opinion is really valuable. I think you are 100% correct in regards to the outstanding JPEG quality that this Fuji system is producing and there is indeed a strong argument to simply keep it at that and not even bother with RAW. In response to this and your previous comment asking why I was shooing RAW at all - it basically comes down to how long I have been wanting to get into this mountain landscape photography as a hobby. My old point and shoot finally broke and I went nutso trying to figure out what system to buy into. All along I wanted to learn a new skill - that of being a "pro-sumer" hobbyist. What this came to mean to me based on researching the things other mountain photographers I liked (you included) is that I needed to start by a) shooting manually and learning how to compose and b) participating in the use of high tech photo processing software - namely Lightroom. Basically right now I am loving taking the time to learn how to shoot manually and also learning Lightroom. I am confident that maybe in 2 or 3 years when I have a lot of experience with Lightroom I might not be so wound up about it - but right now I enjoy leaning about the characteristics of light and how it can all be adjusted in LR etc. Basically this is what I have been wanting to do forever! Also I really really really want to avoid "overdoing" it in Lightroom. I want to find a balance of correcting exposure but not getting out of hand. Yesterday when I posted this up I was worried about the amount of blue saturation that I added making it look over the top. It was a hard balance because the true character of the scene had more blue in it that the RAW file, but what I posted maybe had a tad too much.

In any event I am open to any feedback - I think Zeljkok is bang on when he says I should focus on exposing the sky correctly and recovering the rest in LR. What little I know about LR falls in line with this.

Thanks everyone!
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