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Here is a likely scenario and one that is playing out, I suspect, in the Spearhead. The Spearhead hut committee gets approval for three backcountry huts. Good, so far. Parks then sets unreasonable standards for hut construction that escalates the costs from the initial estimate of $300,000 per hut to $1,000,000 per hut. It's a stretch for any volunteer group to come up with $3 million let alone $1 million. No longer a simple backcountry hut. More a chalet now. Enter an investor with deep pockets and close ties to the ski industry. Said investor bankrolls the first hut but with condition that W-B manage the facility. Obviously, the project does not go through unless the condition is met. Domino effect takes place for huts 2 and 3 and before you know it, the Spearhead traverse is a commercial operation controlled at both ends by a ski hill and commercially compliant parks. Big bonuses all round for the mandarins because that is what they negotiated for behind closed doors at the outset - sell out Garibaldi Park for commercial interests. Wasn't it done with Sea to Sky gondola? It benefits ski hills, heli-skiers and foreign tourists with lots of $. Losers are dirt bags, however, they played an essential role as dupes to get the project approved. Development and jobs friendly gov't is laughing too.
That would be my concern as well. It doesn't seem that much of a stretch at times...

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