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Originally Posted by Steventy View Post
Frustrating to see that it went this way. I don't know any of the people involved but I'm guessing a lot of the folks that get into the Ministry of Forestry and BC Parks do it because they love the woods as much as we do.

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No comment

I was wondering before, but now even more so what kind of people Ministry of Forestry especially hires. I listened to a story in university from someone in forestry about how they were downsizing so someone in the ministry got one of the guys to drive all around the province handing out pink slips, then when he got back to his own desk a few days later he found a pink slip on his own desk, and took it in the worse way put it nicely.

Ministry of Forests seems dark, sounds like BC Parks is too. What type of people are in the executive boards/major decision making roles? Business degree people and accountants or people who enjoy the outdoors?
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