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Originally Posted by trick View Post
Steventy: Based on a few maps I've seen, it isn't.

The reason I heard for the dismantling of this trail was because of some endangered wildlife, but the person who told me that thought that Parks was being a little creative with some of the facts.

If it is outside of a park, the rules are generally in favor of the trail builders. Inside of a park, it is much more complicated.

Outside of a park:


Consent under section 102 of Act not required

3 (1) For the purposes of section 102 of the Act, the construction, rehabilitation or maintenance of a trail or recreation facility does not include

(a) marking a route with ribbons, cairns or other directional indicators,

(b) minor, piecemeal clearing of brush or downed trees, or

(c) emergency repairs to a trail or recreation facility that are necessary to prevent imminent damage to the trail or facility.

(2) Despite section 102 of the Act, a person may construct, rehabilitate or maintain a trail without the consent of the district manager if doing so is the only reasonable means of minimizing a risk to personal safety.

(5) The district manager may refuse to consent to a proposal only if he or she determines that the proposal will result in one or more of the following:

(a) significant risk to public safety;

(b) unacceptable damage to the environment;

(c) unresolvable conflict with other resource values or uses.
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