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Originally Posted by Dru View Post
I have some completely unverified ideas about this.

My thinking has developed from working on environmental assessments, which is my day job.

The Mamquam IPP would likely have gone through one of these EAs. There would have been a section of the EA where the impact of the project on the surrounding environment was considered.

The assessment may have concluded that increased recreational traffic in areas surrounding the project were unlikely to occur.

Now that the project has gone ahead, and suddenly climbers are using the project infrastructure to access the park, we have a much higher amount of use in an area of the park which previously saw significantly less human use. I suspect this may not have been correctly forecast in the EA.

They can't drop the approval for the project at this point. It's already built.

So instead they are scrambling to try and prevent the increased traffic into the park because it was not forecasted to occur. It's after the fact management.

Just a thought. I have no evidence to back any of this up. You might term it idle speculation on my part.
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