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Originally Posted by Steventy View Post
Is the controversy explained in more detail somewhere? I don't understand why they wanted the trail to be un-built.
Some elements are supportive of the trail and improvements. Others are obstructionist and against it. Right now, the obstructionists have the upper hand.

As I suggested in another thread, if the BCMC were building a gondola it would stand a better chance of approval.

One theory is that the Ministry of Environment is establishing a price on zoning. For example, when building a gondola you can demonstrate that investment will be made and jobs created. Then you can have the zoning changed to permit the development. If a bunch of dirtbag climbers want to improve a trail that existed for many decades and it is not compliant with existing zoning it is easy to obstruct the trail improvements. Politically, there is no risk to the bureaucracy because the Liberal government doesn't see any new jobs being created. In fact, the mandarins will probably instruct the park managers to be obstructive so that the price of zoning is preserved for corporate interests.

It has been relatively easy for the Sea to Sky gondola and Whistler Blackcomb to get chunks removed from parks or zoning changed. Much harder for volunteers to improve an existing trail and add safety features to a creek crossing.

Another theory is that parks truly believes that some grave environmental damage will occur or a deadly impact on the goat population or the unicorns. This is so unsupportable scientifically I tend to dismiss it but you never know. Their own studies don't show a significant impact on goats from non-hunting pedestrian activities. As for the unicorns, they are very hard to find.

Also, it could just be ego. Perhaps BCMC did not make the appropriate obeisance and someone threw a fit. But then, BCMC was rebuffed on several occasions when discussions were suggested.
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