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Originally Posted by dougz View Post
I spent the extra bucks and got the brand name Crocs..
I was stingy on the bucks and got the dollar store variety. Mine are only half the weight, and I can buy 5 pairs for your 1 pair. I still haven't found an improvement for under $100 over the dollar store variety (river crossing would be a bonus, though I've forded some strong currents in crocs).

And believe me gaiters aren't overkill for Cape Scott, especially when it starts raining. In my experience any hiker asking for generic footwear advice isn't necessarily experienced in foot placement, and could use the extra dirt protection a gaiter gives. Even on the days where it didn't rain those in my group without gaiters (but with long pants) had mud caking their hiking pants up to their knees. I got away without on the way in because of long legs, trekking poles and very good foot placement (part experience, part having extra time as I had to slow to kids' pace).
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