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Originally Posted by Cinderss View Post
Yes you can currently bypass Stadium Glacier. I have attached a couple pictures from when I went up Sky Pilot last Saturday (Sept 5th). I will follow up with a full trip report in the next day or two.

I would be interested in doing Co-Pilot some time, does anyone have any Beta on this climb? Habrich looks interesting too, what route would you be looking at doing? I'm considering doing this route some time, maybe next year.
The Copilot: Check Simon's trip report

Habrich: Again all I've read is Simon's trip report (a really hard scramble or an easy climb). Escape Velocity looks super cool, but 5.9 on granite is out of my league now. I'll have to work a lot on crack skills.

Sky Pilot: How was the water source along the approach? I'd rather not hauling a ton of water if I don't have to.
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